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The Breath-taking Power of Nature Herself

Far off the tourist-worn paths of other European destinations, Norway is a country extremely rich in magnificent, truly breath-taking, natural beauty. Aboard an MSC Northern Europe excursion, you’ll have the unmissable opportunity to take part in a Norway fjords cruise visit – and that trip in and off itself makes a Norway cruise destination worth the journey.
The fjords are undoubtedly the main attraction and real symbol of the country. The deep coastal inlets, formed as the result of glacier melting during the Ice Age, number no fewer than a thousand. Along Norway’s coastline, the fjords are the most characteristic features.
Discovering the fjords is only one of many possibilities for a Norway cruise – the country is host to numerous other natural delights.
In the summertime, visitors can experience the Midnight Sun, or long days of continuous light during which the sun never sets.


Your Norway cruise is easily accessed by a number of convenient ports around the country. For a full list of Norway cruise ports and their details, consult below.