An estuary surrounded by green forest ridges
Rúa da Pescadería and its fishmarket
The Castro hill

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Vigo/Santiago de Compostela

A spectacular natural port

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A spectacular natural port

Few cities enjoy such a magnificent natural setting as Vigo. Arrayed along the sloping southern shoreline of its namesake estuary, it enjoys superb views not only of the bay itself, surrounded by green forest ridges, but also out towards the ocean. It’s undeniably magnificent when seen from your MSC cruise ship as it enters the harbour during its tour of the Northern Europe.

These days, cruise passengers mingle with tourists arriving at the Estación Marítima de Ría off the Cangas ferry, and set off to explore the steep, cobbled streets that climb up into Vigo’s old city, known as O Berbés and crammed with shops, bars and restaurants. Along the seafront early in the morning, kiosks revive fishermen with strong coffee, while there and in the lively daily market hall nearby, the Mercado da Pedra, their catch is sold. Immediately below, on the aptly named Rúa da Pescadería, women set out plates of fresh oysters on permanent granite tables to tempt passers-by. 

A stiff but enjoyable excursion up from the old town, mostly along stone staircases, brings you to the top of the Castro hill. So named for the circular ancient ruins still visible on one side, and also the site of a seventeenth-century castle, the hill enjoys comprehensive views. 

The Museo Quiñones de León is the focal point of the large Parque de Castrelos, the extensive formal gardens and woodlands which begin 2km southwest of Castro hill. A nice excursion from Vigo is Pontevedra: a lovely old city, set slightly back from the sea at the point where the Río Lérez begins to widen out into the bay. A maze of pedestrianized flagstoned alleyways, interspersed with colonnaded squares, granite crosses and squat stone houses with floral balconies, the old quarter is always lively, making it perfect for a night out enjoying the local food and drink.

Must see places in Vigo

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    Reach the port

    Port of Vigo

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Muelle de Trasatlánticos S/N
    36202 - Vigo

    Reach the port by

    • Train

      Vigo Railway Station is located very close to the port. You can take a taxi from outside the station.
    • Plane

      Vigo Airport is just a short journey from the cruise terminal. There is a taxi  rank immediately outside the airport building and a bus service. Note, however, that there are no bus stops in the Cruise Terminal area.
      The best bus to take is the 9-A to the Puerta del Sol bus stop, after which you will need to walk to the cruise terminal on Rua Carral.