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Discover our kids friendly tours designed especially for families 


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MSC Family Explorer Club

Explore the destination together on a fun filled family adventure, inspired by history and designed to cover all the highlights.

Family friendly programming
Tours typically start later in the morning, are shorter in duration and are accompanied by expert guides and story tellers

Tours that the whole family can enjoy
Each experience is developed to keep both children entertained while also providing an enriching and educational experience for adults

Family-Friendly Prices 50% off
Children tickets are always half-price

Peace of Mind
When you choose an MSC Family Explorer Club you can relax in the knowledge that all our tours are operated by carefully selected partners who can easily make contact with your ship throughout the day.

MSC Family Explorer Club

Family Explorer Club | MSC Excursions


Mission Shared By The Whole Family

An expert guide and a talented storytellers will lead each tour and be available for any assistance needed.
The leaders on these tours are not just tour guides, they are skilled in captivating the attention of both children and adults through storytelling in a way that describes the attraction and history of the location in an engaging manner - they are entertainers.

Mission Shared By The Whole Family

Excursions, Family Explorer Club: Whole Family | MSC Cruises

Let's Start The Adventure

During this interactive experience children of all ages will feel like an explorer.
Acting as detectives and explorers, children play a key-role in accomplishing a unique mission on each tour inspired by the history of the location.
Children and parents are given the opportunity to unleash their imaginations and enjoy solving games and riddles together. Every tour will

Let's Start The Adventure

Excursions, Family Explorer Club: Adventure | MSC Cruises

Two Ideal Solutions For Families

We know that this is your vacation too, and sometimes you just want to get away and have some adult time. 

For parents wishing to take a tour by themselves, we offer a complimentary childcare service for children aged 3 to 11.

While you are out in port your children can remain onboard in a fun and supervised environment with their new friends and Mini Club Staff

For more information, contact the Mini Club onboard.

Two Ideal Solutions For Families

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