Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar Cruises


Suspended between future and tradition

The destination evokes the oriental fascination, turquoise sea landscapes and warm desert sands.

Where once there was just desert, today we find the tallest buildings in the world, the most luxurious hotels and the boldest of architecture that coexists with the historic palaces and the remnants of the long and rich Arab history.

Indulge in this luxurious journey with an MSC Cruise, an old tradition that is also a part of the progress made by the Emirates in recent years: Abu Dhabi and Dubai will surprise you with their daring, futuristic architecture, and Sir Bani Yas island will enchant you with a dream beach experience or a safari like no other between the mangroves, the desert and the protected bay areas.

Locations not to miss are the Gulf of Oman: KhasabMuscat and Dammam in Saudi Arabia, where you can get a taste of the enchanted atmospheres of the one thousand and one nights.