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Arresting Vistas, Volcanic Peaks, Dolphin Spotting and Sunshine Galore

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, formed by volcanic eruptions which occurred millions of years ago. With beaches, important natural attractions and a subtropical climate that remains constant throughout the year, Canary Islands cruises are quite popular in the winter months, from November to March.
MSC cruises to Canary Islands, include a stop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of Tenerife that shares the title of capital of the Canary Islands with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and offers a variety of cultural and outdoor activities.
The Teide National Park is UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can visit the awe-inspiring Mount Teide, a towering volcanic peak. 

Canary Islands Ports

Explore the Canary Islands with MSC Cruises, let yourself be captivated by wonderful beaches and the volcanic scenery.

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