Internet access

What is satellite internet access and how does it work?

When at sea, it is not possible to access the internet using a high-speed broadband connection as you would on land. Instead, internet connectivity on board is provided by links between the ship and communications satellites in orbit far above the Earth.

Why is satellite internet access slower than a normal connection on land?

Your internet data needs to travel vast distances between the ship’s antennae and the nearest satellite, and it needs an unobstructed line of sight between them.
A number of things may interfere with this, like storms and large objects that can block the signal, such as steep mountains close to the ship or tall buildings in ports. This interference can result in slow response times or even the system becoming unresponsive.

When is the best/worst time to use satellite internet access?

The peak use periods for internet use on board tend to be first thing in the morning or when large numbers of guests return from shore excursions. During these periods, congestion can make internet access slower, just as it would on land.
It is therefore best to avoid these periods if possible.

Where is satellite internet access available on board?

Satellite Internet Access is available in all public areas of the ship and in most cabins, including all MSC Yacht Club suites. All you need is one of our Satellite Internet Access packages and a mobile internet device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.).

Does the package cover the entire cruise?

Yes, all packages have no data limits. You will have 24hrs access.

What is the main difference between Browse and Browse & Stream packages?

With the Browse & Stream package it is possible to use video calls, stream music and videos. Those cannot be used with the Browse package.

How can I activate the devices once on board?

Once on board register on the MSC Captive portal with the first device you want to use. Once registered you will automatically be directed to the activation page. Click on the START button and the device used will be registered. To register additional devices, log in with the other devices using the user name and password created during registration.

Is it possible to change devices once activated?

No, if you activate a device, this device cannot be changed.

Is it possible to upgrade from the Browse package to the Browse & Stream one?

Yes. You will be able to upgrade your package on board through the MSC Captive Portal (the website used to activate the pre-paid package). You can upgrade to a Browse package with additional devices or to the Browse & Stream package. You will only pay the difference between the full costs packages (to preserve the 20% discount advantage).
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