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Cabo San Lucas

A City Hanging Between the Desert and the Ocean

Mexico is a wild land which causes travelers to have intense emotions, surprising them with its bright colors, the smells of the coast and mountains that plunge into the blue ocean. We are talking about Cabo San Lucas, a dazzling location that will remain in your heart, reachable thanks to your MSC World Cruise. Located where the warm waters of the Gulf of California meet those of the cold Pacific, Cabo San Lucas is a city that retains the splendors of its ancient history.

You only need to look around to realize that you are in an enchanted land: desert rocks offer playful colors and shapes that intertwine with the shades of color found in the water. This is the place to admire the largest migrations of whales and humpback whales during their passage to the Pacific Ocean. Cabo Beaches are renowned for the fine white sand that characterizes them, such as that found at Playa del Amor which is uncrowded, seductive and has a primitive charm.

Nearby is one of the most visited places in the area, El Arco, a huge arch of rock that juts out over the water like a kind of waterfall, creating a stunning setting right on the beach in Cabo. Another focal point of your MSC Cruise excursion will be the city of San José del Cabo, ideal for those who prefer serenity and contact with nature. Here, in fact, you will find the only coral reef inhabited by hard corals, a natural habitat for numerous spectacular animal species. Nearby in the Art District, art lovers can also enjoy the cultural center of the area with art galleries exhibiting paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and jewelry by artists from around the world.

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    Under the shade of a sombrero
    Under the shade of a sombrero

    One of the world’s great civilizations, Mexico is a great cruise destination with its melange of Mesoamerican cultures, modern indigenous tribes and Spanish traditions; it’s a vibrant modern economy too, the biggest in Latin America after Brazil.

    Mexico’s landscapes are just as diverse, from the shimmering blue coastline of Baja California and the iconic cactus-strewn deserts of the north, to the Mayan villages and gorgeous palm-smothered beaches of the Caribbean Sea. You can climb volcanoes, watch whales, swim underground and tour tequila farms during your holiday to Mexico.

    And sprinkled throughout you’ll find richly adorned colonial churches, giant ancient pyramids and a sophisticated cuisine that has little in common with the world of nachos and burritos. Despite the inevitable influence of the US and close links with the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, the country remains resolutely individual. The music that fills the plazas in the evenings, the buildings that circle around them, even the smells emanating from a row of taco carts: they all leave you without any doubt about where you are.

     Many first-time visitors are surprised to find that Mexico is far from being a “developing” nation: the country has a robust economy, the world’s fourteenth largest, a remarkably thorough and efficient internal transport system and a vibrant contemporary arts and music scene.