Montego Bay

The Hip Strip
The Doctor’s Cave
The Rose Hall Great House

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Montego Bay

Among Black Magic and Emerald Waters

An MSC cruise to Cuba, the Caribbean and Antilles will take you to a tropical paradise. Our ship will dock in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Located along the northwest coast of Jamaica, it is one of the most important cities of the island; it is thought that Christopher Columbus anchored his ships here in 1494 when he “discovered” Jamaica on his way from Cuba; he called the new country Santiago.

The lively city centre is dominated by Gloucester Avenue, the main street or “Hip Strip”, where tourists and locals stroll and investigate different bars; in the centre, one can also admire the St. James Parish Church, an 18th century religious building in Georgian style surrounded by a lush tropical garden.
Along the same street, there are also the Court House and the colourful Craft Market: it is impossible to leave without buying a souvenir from at least one of the different stands full of local crafts, from clothes to woven straw hats and jewellery.

An MSC excursion will take you to the “Land of Wood and Water”: encountering breath-taking views, you will float pleasantly on wooden rafts along Marta Brae, a river with emerald-coloured waters. Your voyage to the Caribbean with MSC Cruises will also introduce you to the history and the culture of Montego Bay on board a 4x4 Land Cruiser. Must-sees: the Doctor’s Cave, perhaps the most famous beach of these shores, and the beaches of Walter Fletcher, Gloucester Avenue and Cornwall.

A cruise to Jamaica also means encountering black magic and ancient legends. An excursion will take you to the meandering halls of Rose Hall Great House: it is said that the house is haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, the White Which of Rose Hall, who owned the abode and was guilty of murdering her four husbands and numerous slaves working on the surrounding sugar plantation.

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    Stunning landscapes
    Stunning landscapes

    Rightly famous for its beaches and music, beautiful, brash Jamaica is much more besides. There’s certainly plenty of white sand, turquoise Caribbean sea and swaying palm trees, but there are also spectacular mountains and rivers, tumbling waterfalls and cactus-strewn savannah plains.
    Far more than just a resort, the island also boasts vibrant towns and cities such as sprawling Kingston, which inspired the music of Bob Marley and countless other home-grown reggae superstars.
    Jamaica is a country with a swagger in its step; proud of its history, sporting success and musical genius; but also with a weight upon its shoulders.

    As the birthplace of the “all-inclusive” hotel, Jamaica is well suited to those travellers who want to head straight from their cruise ships to the beach. But to get any sense of the country at all during your cruise to Jamaica, you’ll need to do some exploring.

    It’s undoubtedly worth it, as this is an island packed with first-class attractions, oozing with character and rich with a musical and cultural heritage; if you’re a reggae fan, you’re in heaven.