Isla de Roatan

The second largest coral reef in the world
Carambola Gardens
The Iguana Farm

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Isla de Roatan, Honduras

Looking for paradise? Then look no further than Isla de Roatan in Honduras, a heavenly stop on our Caribbean cruise itineraries

Join us for the day on the Spanish-speaking Isla de Roatan in the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Central America.
The idyllic island and its crystal clear waters are a magnet for divers, as Isla de Roatan is located on the Mesoamerican barrier reef, the second largest coral reef in the world. Keen divers of all ages can explore the wonderful watery underworld around Roatan as an array of diving, sailing and snorkelling activities are on offer here, while those in need of pure relaxation can leave the ship to lounge on one of Roatan’s many splendid powder sand beaches, which rank among the best in the Caribbean.

Enjoy a dash of local culture and join an island tour, taking in Roatan’s capital, Coxen Hole, and the bustling fishing villages of French Harbour and Little Venice.

Nature lovers can marvel at the lush Carambola Gardens - 30 acres of preserved rainforest with exotic plants and animals ranging from incredible orchids, spices, and medicinal plants to Guatusa rabbits and chattering parrots.

Travelling with children? Isla de Roatan’s amazing Iguana Farm could well prove the highlight of their holiday as they pet and touch these friendly reptiles and marvel at the other protected local creatures such as monkeys, macaws and sea turtles.

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