Saint George

19th century Creole houses 
A tour of French forts
An infinity of waterfalls

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St. George’s

A dip in the stills of the lakes

To those arriving with a Caribbean Sea cruise to St. George’s, the capital of Grenada appears to enclose its port, Carenage, like a horseshoe.

Here your cruise ship will await you. Walking up the streets that climb the surrounding hills, one can admire some 19th century Creole houses, which still have roofs of red tiles used as ballast by Old World ships.
Once disembarked from your MSC ship, you can visit the Grenada National Museum, housed in French barracks dating to 1704, where Amerindian pottery, a still for distilling rum and a marble tub belonging to Joséphine de Beauharnais are on display.

Another interesting excursion to go on during your holiday in Grenada will take you on a tour of French forts: Fort George (1705); Fort Frederick, the best preserved; and Fort Matthew, which was bombarded by the Americans in 1983. At Fort George, graffiti reads, “No pain no gain, brother” and a pole bears bullet holes from the shooting of Maurice Bishop, leader of the Grenadian revolution of 1979, who is much loved to this day.

If an excursion takes you to higher elevations, you will discover an infinity of waterfalls. They are not enormous, but they have an undeniable charm: they appear suddenly in the middle of the wood, each with its own small lake in which to cool down after a long walk. Choosing among these waterfalls is truly difficult. Annandale, Concordes, Seven Sisters, Mt. Carmel, Honeymoon or Paraclete; they are all worth a visit.

Following the Mt. Qua Qua Trail, will take you into the Grand Etang Rain Forest and to the peak of the mountain, from where you will be able to see all of the southeastern Caribbean islands. Grenada, like any tropical island, has splendid beaches where to go swimming, snorkelling and diving.

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    Scents of spices
    Scents of spices

    As your cruise approaches Grenada, the first thing you notice are the green hills of the hinterland. These reminded the Spanish conquerors of the hills behind the Andalusian town of Granada and for this reason they chose this name. Today it is the “island of spices”.
    As you will see during your vacation in Grenada, here we find vast cultivations of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, but above all, nutmeg, marvelous plants to look for also during your excursions to the forest.

    Those who choose to visit Grenada will be favourably impressed by its care of the environmental heritage: 100% of the territory is protected, either completely or partially, all to the advantage of hikers and trekkers in the mountains of the hinterland. Of great eco-touristic attraction are the excursions to the territories of Saint John, to the west and of Saint David, to the south-east.

    If you’re looking for beaches, you don’t have to go too far from the capital, Saint George; here, in the south-western part of the island you find the most stunning locations, like the Grand Anse Beach, considered by many to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.
    And if these 3km of beach aren’t enough, there are other stretches along the coasts of the Lance aux Épines peninsula or the white sands of the coast of Morne Rouge Bay, at the southern end of the island.