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View from Eagle's Nest Hill
Zolotoy Bridge
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The Last Stop of the Trans-Siberian Railway

More than nine thousand kilometers from Moscow, Vladivostok is a city of approximately half a million inhabitants that has been built up since its foundation 150 years ago as a small settlement on the Sea of Japan. This fantastic Siberian harbor is a must-see during an MSC cruise in the Far East.

Thanks to pressure since the beginning of the 20th century from the Trans-Siberian Railway, the mythical railway between Vladivostok and the Russian capital, the city developed far beyond its original center which was at the southern end of the Muravyov-Amursky peninsula. Today, the impressive Zolotoy Bridge with its elegant white beams overhangs Zolotoy Rog Bay, the natural bay that welcomes most passing ships. Vladivostok has now expanded into the hills overlooking the sea and encompasses everything that can be seen from the lookout above it at Eagle's Nest Hill where a modern monument is dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius.

The old city, still containing some buildings from the early 20th century, is organized around a grid with a central square that hosts a statue to the Soviet hero and a white skyscraper which is the headquarters of the Primorsky Krai. Heading up Okeanskij Prospekt from the port, you will reach the immaculate Pokrovsky Cathedral with its colorful blue and gold onion domes and a small park opening up behind it.

An MSC Cruise Excursion will take you to Amursky Zaliv Gulf where you will find the Vladivostok Fortress Museum, the Scientific Museum and Sport Harbor set up for children's leisure. To the south of the square, not far from the giant pillars of Zolotoy Bridge, a submarine from the 1930s was beached and transformed into a museum. Another excursion is dedicated to transportation enthusiasts who can board the Trans-Siberian Railway and visit the Antique Automobile Museum, filled with unique vehicles.

This is just one of the fantastic destinations of our cruise around the world: MSC World Cruise 2020.

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    A great power
    A great power

    European Russia stretches from the borders of Belarus and Ukraine to the Ural mountains, over 1000km east of Moscow; even without the rest of the vast Russian Federation, it constitutes by far the largest country in Europe.

    Formerly a powerful tsarist empire and a Communist superpower, Russia continues to be a source of fascination for travellersMoscow, Russia’s bustling capital, combines the frenetic energy of an Eastern city with the cosmopolitan feel of a Western one. 

    With its dense human traffic and show-stopping architecture – from the Kremlin’s tsarist palaces and onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral, through the monumental relics of the Communist years to today’s massive building projects – the metropolis can feel rather overwhelming. 

    By contrast, with its beautiful canals and graceful buildings, St Petersburg, Russia’s second city, is nicknamed “the Venice of Northern Europe”. 

    A cruise to Russia is a unique chance to visit this seaport, founded in the eighteenth-century by tsar Peter the Great and intended to emulate the best of Western European elegance

    Today, its people are more relaxed and friendly than the capital’s, and its position in the delta of the River Neva is unparalleled, giving it endless watery vistas.