Leading up to the naming ceremony for MSC Seascape in New York iconic actress Sophia Loren shares her favourite destinations for immersive experiences and unique culture 
MSC Cruises offers guests the opportunity to explore Sophia Loren’s top destinations with itineraries that sail around the world 

Geneva, Switzerland –  20th October 2022 – The iconic actress Sophia Loren is the celebrated godmother for the MSC Cruises fleet in a relationship that spans nearly 20 years and the internationally renowned movie star embodies the core essence of MSC Cruises with her European style and glamour. As one of the greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood cinema, Sophia Loren has visited some of the world’s most renowned destinations and has a passion for travel. Leading up to the launch of MSC Seascape in New York City, the award-winning actress is sharing a list of her favourite chic destinations that she has visited over the years.

Sophia Loren commented: “Throughout my life I have had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world, so it was hard to pick just a few that top the list. What makes these destinations so special are the unique experiences I have had in each one, from naming a glamorous cruise ship to creating special memories with my family. For me, traveling is all about experiencing new people and places and, in turn, discovering yourself all over again. Each of these destinations provide a chic atmosphere to unwind, relax and truly immerse yourself in a new place and its unique culture.”


MSC Cruises offers a truly global experience and this winter will offer 21 modern ships sailing to more than 190 of the world’s most sought-after destinations across 85 different countries, including Sophia Loren’s must-visit destinations. From cosmopolitan cities to towns seeped in culture and history or tropical oases, her top destinations to visit include:


1. New York City: Full of energy, bright lights and renowned landmarks, New York City is filled with experiences for every type of traveller. On 7 December 2022, Loren will name MSC Seascape while docked in Manhattan, making it the fleet’s first ship to be launched in “the city that never sleeps”. The ceremony will reflect MSC Cruises’ commitment to the North American cruise market as next year MSC Meraviglia will homeport in the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal beginning April 2023.

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2. Barcelona, Spain: This beloved destination was the backdrop of the naming ceremony for MSC Splendida in 2009 and the spot for many of Sophia Loren’s vacations throughout the years. With vibrant city life, world-class art museums and designer restaurants, bars, galleries and shops, it’s no wonder this city is one of the Hollywood icon’s top chic destinations. Guests can visit this lively spot on one of MSC Cruises’ popular Mediterranean itineraries.

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3. The Caribbean: Home to pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and MSC Cruises’ very own private island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, the Caribbean is the perfect spot for a relaxing escape. In 2021, MSC Cruises and Sophia Loren named MSC Seashore at Ocean Cay, marking the official opening of the island. The unique private island destination and marine reserve was designed as a part of the cruise line’s commitment to the environment. The natural beauty of the Caribbean makes this one of the actresses’ favourite destinations. MSC Cruises will offer sailings to Ocean Cay and the Caribbean onboard its newest ship, MSC Seascape, starting December 2022.

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4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: With the tallest buildings in the world, the most luxurious hotels and the boldest architecture that coexists with historic palaces, Dubai is a destination full of enchanted experiences and astounding views. In 2021, Dubai was the stunning backdrop for the naming ceremony of MSC Virtuosa, where Godmother Sophia Loren cut the ribbon welcoming guests to the ship.

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5. The Greek Islands:With a rich historical and cultural heritage combined awe-inspiring landscapes and fantastic beaches of long stretches of white sand to tiny bays and hidden coves, the Greek Islands are universally recognized as must-visit destinations. Sophia Loren brought fame to the island of Hydra in the 1950’s where she fell in love with the beauty of Greece whilst on a film set.

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6. Copenhagen, Denmark: Another popular filming spot for the actress, Copenhagen provides an energetic and hip waterside vibe with a compact city center. Café culture permeates the city and top-notch museums await travelers seeking to discover the area’s unique art and history. Shore excursions on MSC Cruises include exploring landscaped gardens, outdoor concerts and beautiful castes. Guests can explore this Sophia Loren favorite with a variety of Northern European sailings offered by the cruise line.

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7. Naples, Italy: Sophia Loren has fond memories of growing up in Naples, Italy. The destination is home to a bustling Mediterranean port with a variety of unique spots waiting to be discovered. From historic streets to lively quarters, Italian culture can be found around every corner of the celebrated actress’ hometown. MSC Cruises’ Mediterranean itineraries offer excursions to Pompeiione of Campania’s most important commercial centers and the site of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

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