• With new spaces and concepts, complementing the already expansive Food & Beverage offering on board, MSC Euribia is a feast for the senses
  • Helios Wine Bar to offer an immersive digital experience for the next generation of wine lovers
  • Le Grill and Kaito Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar’s “Robotayaki” offers guests new ways to discover international flavours

Geneva, Switzerland, 6 April 2023Whether guests prefer, casual drinks or more formal dining, MSC Euribia is brimming with delicious dining and drinks experiences for every palate. From steakhouses to sushi, cocktails to coffee, there is a restaurant or bar fit for any time of the day and every typology of guest.

The new flagship, launching this June, will also include heightened experiences and new venues, forever expanding the range of onboard eateries and bars. With immersive, informative experiences that enhance the olfactory experience, such as Helios Wine Bar, and a new kind of steakhouse and a way to experience Asian cuisine for the first time in the fleet, guests can expand their world view with each bite.


Jacques Van Staden, Vice President of Food & Beverage, MSC Cruises, said: “We are always looking to anticipate the next big thing in food & beverage and with MSC Euribia, we wanted to offer venues that are unlike anything we have ever done before. The same culinary quality and exceptional service that define our offering will remain at the heart of the experience but will be brought to new heights. We want to offer our guests something to talk about, something to marvel at and something to remember, long after their cruise has ended. Whether this be through new recipes, venues or engaging storytelling, our food & beverage offering will set your taste buds alight.”


MSC Euribia will offer ten unique dining venues, including five speciality restaurants and five main dining spots, as well as 21 varied bars and lounges. Among these, new concepts to the fleet include:




The immersive and digital Helios Wine Bar invites the next generation of wine lovers to discover the story behind their favourite glass of wine. Seated at state-of-the-art multi-touch tables activated by digital coasters, guests will have the opportunity to dive into the history, grape varieties, wine-making regions and more, learning everything there is to know about the drink in their hand. Providing something for everyone, the venue will offer a variety of 96 featured wines that are sure to delight all guests.


For those feeling peckish, a selection of food pairings will be on offer, at a special display, including cheeses, cured meats, finger food and nuts to complement each glass.

Throughout the cruise, the location will also play host to Masterclasses for guests to expand their knowledge further and come back home with more than just souvenirs, they’ll have gained experience as wine connoisseurs.




Le Grill is an elegant new speciality restaurant that offers the quality, flavour and panache that French dining is known for. The new culinary destination is the quintessential French Brasserie centred around shared dishes, such as seafood platters, caviar and chargrilled aged and dry aged Black Angus beef from Meat by Linz. The elegant locale will propose traditional dishes such as Caesar salad, traditional onion soup, moules frites, blue lobster and fresh tagliatelle, roasted Rockefeller oysters, Dover sole Meunière and a selection of mouth-watering French desserts.

A new frontier of flavour to discover, amplified by the perfect pre-dinner bar right outside Le Grill, that gently flows between dessert, live music and fine art right next door, giving the feeling that guests have stepped onto the streets of Paris.




Kaito Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar is a mainstay speciality restaurant on MSC Cruises’ ships, offering the flavours of the Far East and featuring two teppanyaki grills to delight and entertain. Skilled chefs expertly flip seasonings and cutlery, all while preparing a delicious meal, while the adjacent sushi bar offers a more intimate experience, with a list of 40 sumptuous sushi made with the freshest and most carefully sourced ingredients. The combination of the two restaurant styles makes for a fun and interactive ambience that will leave guests with new memories from their cruise experience.


On MSC Euribia, for the first time in the fleet, Kaito will also offer a Robatayaki space for the first time, featuring the Japanese barbecue-like method of cooking combining seafood, meats and vegetables, cooked at varying speeds. Other varieties of food are also offered in this style, mostly marinated and glazed over the grill. Combined with exquisite sushi, sashimi, the space offers large combos to share with signature Futomaki Uramaki (rolls) created by expert chefs and more!





In addition to the above speciality restaurants, MSC Euribia will also feature:

  • The 1,336-seat Marketplace buffet, offering a variety of delicacies from around the world, including pizza served late and mozzarella homemade directly on board
  • Main dining restaurants Colorado River, Green Orchid and Il Campo, as well as sister restaurants, Aurora Boreale and Aurora Borealis, offering complimentary meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner


For guests looking to indulge their sweet tooth Jean-Philippe Maury Chocolat & Café offers 40 kinds of chocolate products and biscuits, while the adjacent Crêpes & Gelato includes 17 flavours of ice cream and sorbet and 10 types of signature crêpes. A true feast for the senses!

The ship will also propose 21 bars and lounges, including 5 outdoor and 16 indoor, with a range of specialties, from the refined Champagne Bar to the adults-only Sky Lounge, where molecular cocktails delight over a panoramic view.