Line to offer British holidaymakers a range of summer sailings around the UK
Cruises open to British guests of all ages and to include protected ashore excursions
All departures available for both non-vaccinated and vaccinated British guests

Geneva, Switzerland - 19 March 2021 - MSC Cruises has announced that it will offer a series of mini and week-long cruises around the UK for British holidaymakers only that will include protected shore excursions for 7-night sailings.
All voyages will welcome British families and guests of all ages – including those who are waiting for their vaccinations against COVID-19 as well as those who have received the vaccine.
Gianni Onorato, CEO, MSC Cruises said; “Our experience of sailing safely and responsibly since August last year in the Mediterranean under our industry-leading protective health and safety protocol has given us a great deal of knowledge and data about safe cruises. Thanks to a protocol designed to be adapted to reflect the evolution of the pandemic ashore, we have carried more than 50,000 guests to-date – on cruises to Italy, Malta and Greece - who can testify to the experience of having an enjoyable holiday that catered for their wellbeing both onboard our ships and also during our pioneering protected shore excursions.”
“Following the initial phase of our restart in the Mediterranean, the next logical step for us is to make our experience available to British holidaymakers, who are passionate about cruising, as the UK plans to open up domestic travel in the second half of May.
“We also remain confident that we will soon be able to welcome British guests back on board one of our ships further afield, once current international travel restrictions are lifted and more of our ships will have restarted across the Mediterranean as well as other areas traditionally favoured by the British.”
All departures, starting from 20 May, will be from the new cruise terminal in Southampton and the line will add other embarkation ports in the UK, with details to be announced soon. 
All guests will receive an antigen test prior to embarkation, while non-vaccinated guests will also be required to show proof of negative test done within 72 hours prior to embarkation. Other pre-boarding and on-board measures will also apply to both guests and crew, in line with MSC Cruises’ health and safety protocol.
The protocol was developed in 2020 with input from international health experts – including MSC Cruises’ ‘COVID-19 Blue-Ribbon Expert Group’ - and in close cooperation with relevant national and regional health, transport and safety authorities throughout Europe.