MSC World Cruise 2021: a 119-day journey of discovery


A journey around the world is an adventure of another era, enjoyed however with all the modern comforts. The spirit is that of explorers searching for new landscapes and cultures, fast-paced metropolises and deserted atolls, unknown flavours and ancient arts. A real enterprise on board MSC Poesia which, as its name suggests, invites you to travel with your imagination, enjoying the pleasures of life on board.
The MSC World Cruise 2021 leaves Genoa on the 5th of January. It will visit 52 amazing destinations in 119 days, circumnavigating the globe. Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), San Francisco and Honolulu (United States), Sydney (Australia), Shanghai (China), Hong Kong, Da Nang (Vietnam), Singapore and Aqaba (Jordan) are just a few of the stops on this route that will cross both the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal.
Discovering Japan
MSC Poesia will sail through the Japanese archipelago for ten days. With six stops, you will experience the most varied aspects of an exotic country with a thousand-year-old culture projected towards the future. The first destination is Ishigaki, a natural paradise famous for its golden beaches and turquoise waters of Kabira Wan Bay – a destination steeped in mysticism. Founded in 1614, the Shinto shrine of Gongen Don offers a chance to learn more about a spirituality that has become a philosophy of life. 
Naha is dominated by the 15th-century royal castle. Martial arts enthusiasts know it as the birth place of Naha-te, a practice that combines the harmony of breathing, dexterity and the power of the fist. Shopping lovers will adore the ideal destinations of Tsuroya for ceramics and Kokusal Dori with its distinctive covered market. Makishi is the fish and meat market: you can buy your produce on the first floor and eat it in one of the restaurants on the second floor.
MSC Poesia stops in Osaka for two days. The Kaiyukan aquarium displays all the beauty of the Pacific, while Minoo Park offers a fabulous spectacle with the changing leaves during the seasons of the year and the gardens and waterways of Sumiyoshi Taisha instil a sense of heavenly peace. 
Shimizu is found on the slopes of Mount Fuji; the highest mountain in Japan is considered as sacred as Mount Olympus in Greece. The Miho Pine Grove offers a chance to admire the black pines, while there are countless irresistible attractions in the bay: the sushi museum, wood and fabric processing and tea ceremonies celebrated according to a centuries-old rite.
Then there's a two-day stop in the capital, Tokyo. The ancient and modern come together here in a fascinating way: a city-nation where Tokyo Disneyland coexists with Senso-ji, the oldest temple in the city, and the Kabuki-za theatre flanks the international art galleries of Roppongi. You can admire the city from the breath-taking Ferris wheel on the artificial island Odaiba. 
Nagasaki is the last Japanese stop of the 2021 World Cruise. You can visit the natural park of Mount Inasa there, famous for its azalea blooms in spring. The top of the mountain can be reached via a cable car that leads to the Fuchi Sanctuary, with a spectacular glass dome offering an amazing view.