United States, French Polynesia, American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia
Cruise Ship MSC MAGNIFICA Cruise Itinerary United States, French Polynesia, American Samoa, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia Departure Port San Francisco, USA Duration 41 Days, 40 Nights
Prices are per person based on double occupancy
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Bella Experience
€ 4899€ 5599Not available€ 7249Not available
Fantastica Experience
€ 5299Not available€ 6249€ 7799Not available
Wellness Experience
€ 5599Not available€ 6549€ 8099Not available
Aurea Experience
Not availableNot availableNot available€ 8649€ 14899
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*Prices are per person (Super Family Cabin rates are per cabin), quoted in Euro and based on double occupancy. They are valid for Irish residents only and subject to change. Please note: this page not a live booking environment and prices can vary once you begin the booking progress. We will advise final prices before confirmation. If we discover that there is an error in respect of the price at the time of booking your cruise, we reserve the right to correct this as soon as we become aware. You will be given the option to book your cruise at the new price or choose a different cruise


1Sunday, 10 Feb 2019 --Docked
2Monday, 11 Feb 2019 -18:00Docked
3Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
4Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
5Thursday, 14 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
6Friday, 15 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
7Saturday, 16 Feb 2019 08:0018:00Docked
8Sunday, 17 Feb 2019 08:00-Docked
9Monday, 18 Feb 2019 -18:00Docked
10Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
11Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
12Thursday, 21 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
13Friday, 22 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
14Saturday, 23 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
15Sunday, 24 Feb 2019 08:00-Docked
16Monday, 25 Feb 2019 -18:00Docked
17Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019 08:0018:00Tender
18Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019 08:0018:00Tender
19Thursday, 28 Feb 2019 At Sea ---
20Friday, 01 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
21Saturday, 02 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Tender
22Sunday, 03 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
23Monday, 04 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Docked
24Tuesday, 05 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
25Wednesday, 06 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Tender
26Thursday, 07 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
27Friday, 08 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Docked
28Saturday, 09 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Docked
29Sunday, 10 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
30Monday, 11 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
31Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 08:0018:00Tender
32Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 09:00-Docked
33Thursday, 14 Mar 2019 -18:00Docked
34Friday, 15 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
35Saturday, 16 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
36Sunday, 17 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
37Monday, 18 Mar 2019 08:00-Docked/Tender
38Tuesday, 19 Mar 2019 -18:00Docked/Tender
39Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019 At Sea ---
40Thursday, 21 Mar 2019 08:00-Docked
41Friday, 22 Mar 2019 --Docked
*Information subject to change as a consequence of final berth or anchorage effective availability.
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