“Kelly & Kloe On Board"

A full day of kids’ entertainment on board all MSC cruise ships will be dedicated to the web series, with seven different activities giving children the chance to become “Kelly & Kloe” stars themselves.

Episode 1


Who is the #BlueScaryGuy

Watch this episode and follow the first adventure of Kelly and Kloe on board.

Episode 2


Two Fairytale character s spotted on board! Kelly and Kloe are transported to a fantasy world, will you join them?

Episode 3


Are you ready to jump in the game

Press play and follow Kelly and Kloe through a virtual world on board.

Episode 4


Get on stage and sing along with Kelly and Kloe in this exciting night on board.


"DANCE WITH ME" Opening Theme Song

The offical webseries soundtrack composed by Davide Magnabosco:

Download here the song

Download here the ringtone