Without a doubt, the greatest journeys in history were made at sea. 
Discoveries, adventures, romance, and the longing for that undefined “something” that will set us free and make us feel at one with the world and its beauty…that’s what seafarers looked for, and that’s exactly what you should expect from your next grand tour.  As long as it is an MSC Grand Voyage! 
More than a cruise, a MSC Grand Voyage is a travel experience. From 18 days to more than 25 days crossing beautiful places in different countries, totally living the ocean.
Imagine sailing from one port of call to another across the ocean; from France to South America with MSC Orchestra or from Italy to Africa with MSC Sinfonia , or through the Caribbean Sea on MSC Armonia, enjoying legendary routes in contemporary comfort. 
Begin feeding your travel bug with a transatlantic cruise, conjuring memories of the ‘Blue Riband’, the prestigious accolade that defined the golden age of steam. You can now take that route for relaxed voyages from Europe to the Americas, and to Africa and Asia too.  



Which cruise will you choose?


Starting from the beginning of October 2016, MSC Sinfonia will bring you through Eilat, Aquaba, Port Louis and finally Durban.

Perhaps you want to discover the amazing Caribbean? In November, With MSC Armonia you can sail from Genoa and Barcelona to Tenerife, Funchal, finally arriving in St John's in Antigua, Cozumel and Havana.


MSC Musica, instead, will depart on 29 November 2016 to reach Santos in Brazil, crossing Valencia in Spain, Casablanca in Morocco, Rio de janeiro and Ilhabela in Brazil.

This above is only a short list of all available itineraries. For a full list of itineraries, information and details are available in travel agencies and online at

These long cruises are also the perfect opportunity to enjoy our ships’ many and varied facilities such as the MSC Aurea SPA, the sparkling Casino, bars and lounges as well as the fresh sea breeze during memorable dinners in at sea (not to mention the stargazing!).

Don't miss your opportunity to discover our amazing MSC Grand Voyages! 

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