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Shimizu and surrounding area located in Shizuoka prefecture, is where the first Shogun of Edo period, Tokugawa Ieyasu, decided to settle after his retirement. Rich in cultural heritage but also in Fishery, Shimizu is one of the biggest port where Tuna is hauled in Japan as well as famous Sakura-Ebi (small shrimp living only in this area).

One of the three most beautiful ports in Japan, Shimizu port offers sight of UNESCO World Heritage Site Mt. Fuji, as well as overlooking a World Heritage’s constituent properties, Miho-no-Matsubara. With MSC World Cruise, guest can visit historical buildings such as Kunozan Toshogu (Japan National Tresure), Sumpu Castle Park and Shizuoka Sengen Shirine.

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    A dìfferent planet
    A dìfferent planet

    There’s nothing quite like a cruise to Japan. The very quintessence of Eastern culture, it has long excited the imagination of the West, with a great many of its joys etched indelibly into the minds of folk who live oceans away.

    Sushi and sake, anime and manga, samurai, ninja and the bullet train: everyone knows something of this island nation’s culture, but there’s far more to discover beyond these highly enjoyable stereotypes. Prepare to be pleasantly disorientated. 

    One of the joys of visiting Japan is experiencing the ordinary ways in which the Japanese aesthetic enters into everyday life. The presentation of food, a window display or the simplest flower arrangement can convey, beyond the walls of any museum or gallery, the essential nature of Japanese art. 

    An MSC cruise to Japan will reveal the major attraction of this “Land of contrasts”; it may be the world’s laziest travel cliché, but those who visit Japan find themselves constantly surprised at the easy co-existence between the country’s past and present. 

    Discover Japan and its unexpectedly beautiful landscapes, its charmingly courteous people and its tangible sense of history and cherished traditions – few will be able to resist the chance to get to grips with its mysterious, yet tantalizing, culture.