How A Cruise Can Spur Your Kids On To Try Something New

Heading out on a cruise with the family is a surefire way to create some lifelong memories. Each MSC Cruises ship operates a busy rota of entertainment and activities ensuring no guest is ever stuck for something to do! 

Heading out on a cruise with the family is a surefire way to create some lifelong memories. Each MSC Cruises ship operates a busy rota of entertainment and activities ensuring no guest is ever stuck for something to do, with seemingly boundless ways to have a great time.  
However, an increasing number of parents are realising that a cruise provides a fantastic opportunity to push their children out of their comfort zone and try something new. 
So vast and varied are MSC Cruises’ ships that there will be plenty of fresh activities and new things for your children to try their hand at. 
Courageous cuisine

The variety of food on board any MSC Cruises ship means you and your family can rest assured that your favourite dish will be available every time you come to sit down to eat. 
But on the other hand, with so many different types of food on offer, a cruise is an opportune time to expand your children’s tastes. 
The trouble is, kids know what they like and broadening their palate with new foods can be like pushing an elephant up a hill. 
At home, the rejection of previously untried dishes comes with added heartbreak due to the likelihood that you’ll have had to prepare it yourself. So for it to be snubbed after little more than half a mouthful won’t be nearly as devastating if one of the chefs on board an MSC Cruises ship was behind it.
Less pessimistically though, there’s every chance your kids will love these new dishes because the high quality of food within MSC Cruises’ restaurants. Add to this the masterful ability of the chefs within their kitchens, which means you’re being served accurate iterations of these dishes. 
Aboard the MSC Meraviglia ship, guests can choose between three speciality restaurants: Italian, sushi and a steakhouse; while on MSC Fantastia and MSC Splendida, the child speciality dining package lets youngsters try tex-mex, an American sports bar sample platter or take advantage of a complimentary pizza delivery. 
The wide range of food available at the 20-hour buffet means you can let your children try almost anything they like at almost any time of day.  

So many sports

Getting youngsters to work up a sweat is perhaps less challenging and on an MSC Cruises ship, there are many ways to run your kids ragged. 
Each ship boasts facilities for a multitude of sports and activities, with an open-air tennis court and pool, basketball, football, mini bowling, mini golf, volleyball, as well as table football and table tennis. Even for the most active child, there’s likely to be some untried activities and if competitive sports don’t appeal, then there’s always the dance contest. 
The fun isn’t strictly confined to the ship though. Because you’ll have between eight and 12 hours in port cities, you’ll have the chance to tire out the youngsters in new ways in every destination. 
For instance, many Northern European cities operate bike tours, so hopping on two wheels to see the sights using pedal power is a unique way to explore a new location. Alternatively, a few hours on the beach is almost always a fun way to pass the time. 
World-class entertainment, at sea
Entertainment is another high priority on MSC Cruises’ ships and with 80 different original shows spread across the fleet, guests are sure to catch something that takes their fancy. 
Use of tablets and other gadgets has skyrocketed in recent years, surpassing TV as the number one pastime in some cases, and with so much fantastic live entertainment onboard, time on an MSC Cruises ship could present the chance for your offspring to witness their first live show. Should your voyage be on the MSC Meraviglia, it could be the Cirque Du Soleil At Sea - an exclusive show specially created for MSC Cruises.
During a seven-night cruise, you’ll have the chance to take in six different shows, which elevates the chances of your child clicking with a performance. 
Yet again, the range on offer is vast, stretching from a pirate show to exhilarating acrobatics, classical musicians and Broadway-style productions to opera shows performed by classically trained opera singers. 
If these shows spark their urge to perform themselves, they can get involved in the onboard talent show or karaoke. If not, then there are many discos and parties going on too. 
Teen card
Perhaps your child is coming to an age where you want to entrust them with their own money. On an MSC Cruises ship, you can do just that with a pre-paid cruise card.
Designed for under 18s, the ‘Teen Card’ works like a regular credit card, but because they are pre-paid with a set amount, once it’s gone, that’s it. 
These capped cards have proven to be an effective way to grant teenagers fresh freedom and responsibility without the chance of any nasty charges. 
The Teen Card, which comes loaded with €30 or €50, cannot be used by teenagers to buy alcohol or tobacco. 
If you like the idea of your children trying something new, book your family onto a voyage with MSC Cruises today at msccruises.co.uk