Five Things Gym Bunnies Need To Know About Cruises

Embarking on a voyage with MSC Cruises offers the opportunity for some serious relaxation so understandably, any regular gym goers may have reservations that their active lifestyle could grind to a halt.

Embarking on a voyage with MSC Cruises offers the opportunity for some serious relaxation so understandably, any regular gym goers may have reservations that their active lifestyle could grind to a halt.

But as you’re about to find out, that is far from the case...
1. You can kick your fitness regime up a notch...
...or ease off a tad if you’d prefer. Either way, what we’re trying to say is that because every ship operated by MSC Cruises has a gym onboard, you can adjust the schedule and intensity of your fitness regime however you see fit. 
Very often, cruisers opt to take it easy and cut back on the frequency and length of their workouts, and while it is unlikely anyone will join a cruise to specifically to undertake some super intense marathon training, others may choose to push themselves in the gym to offset any extra helpings or indulgences at the buffet. 
Whether you prefer to train alone, with company or with a competitive edge, every MSC Cruises ship boasts a state-of-the-art gym, accompanied by vast, breathtaking sea views, as well as a variety of sports facilities including basketball, football, a jogging and power walking track, squash, tennis and volleyball. 
2. The food is super healthy and wholesome 
At home, the typical gym bunny likes to keep a tight leash on their diet, allowing only the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients into their meals. The great thing about heading off on a cruise is that this level of control can also be maintained at sea.
Guests can dine in a variety of ways on MSC Cruises’ ships. They can follow their whims with a bit of everything at almost any time they like with the wide-ranging casual buffet, open 20 hours a day, or go for something more formal at one of the elegant main restaurants. Guests aboard the Fantasia class ships can dial up the luxury at the Yacht Club too, with all-inclusive gourmet private dining in a luxury ship within a ship. 
Whichever setting takes your fancy, healthy eating is always on the menu with the ever-present opportunity to order a nutritious, low calorie, high quality meal. 
Each Yacht Club offers a dedicated wellness dinner menu for gourmet healthy eating, while buffet diners can limit the impact on their waistline at the vibrant salad bar or in the wellness corner, which offers cereal, juices, seeds amongst other delights. 

3. Run an MOT on your body

It’s easy for regular gym goers to become complacent and stick to their tried-and-tested workout, but at MSC Cruises’ onboard gyms, guests can have their workout reassessed through a one-on-one health check-up with a professional trainer. 
After agreeing a convenient time slot, MSC Cruises’ medical staff will check your blood pressure during a health check-up in the spa consultation room and provide dietary recommendation before a master trainer conducts a body composition analysis. 
Alternatively, guests can reevaluate their workout through a mobile app. Simply create an account and log in to the Technogym app where you will receive your fitness programme and see your results, challenges, aspirations, motivation and details on your coach. 
Additionally, each day, guests can also take part in one complimentary fitness class from the schedule listed in the app. 
4. You can workout in new places

A voyage with MSC Cruises may offer many options when it comes to getting the adrenaline pumping onboard the actual ship, but with between eight and 12 hours to explore port cities, you’ll have the option to exercise in new ways in new destinations. 
Many cities in Northern Europe operate bike tours, which are a fantastic way to see the sights and keep active at the same time. Alternatively, you can go for a swim or workout on the beach. 
For those wanting to take it a little slower, simply racking up a few kilometres on foot whilst visiting some of the local tourist hotspots all counts. 
5. The Wellness Experience

When booking an MSC Cruises voyage, guests can choose from different packages and the most popular amongst gym bunnies is the Wellness Experience, which is tailored to enhance your active lifestyle during your cruise. 
By upgrading your cruise to the MSC Wellness Experience, you will receive: 
  • a welcome kit - containing t-shirt, shorts, sports towel and a wellness key 
  • access to peaceful private sundecks and the upper decks - the most desirable areas of the ship 
  • unlimited mineral water in the stateroom and all of the ship’s bars and restaurants
  • priority dinner seating 
  • the aforementioned one-on-one health check-up, master trainer body scan and daily fitness class
  • unlimited pool use and access to open-air sports facilities
  • 24-hour room service with no delivery charge 
  • exclusive wellness shore activities 
  • a souvenir group photo and off all guests on the Wellness Experience and an individual workout shot 
  • we’ll even wash your gym gear without charge
So there you have it. Life at sea can be far from idle and hopefully any fears that a cruise would put the stoppers on your active lifestyle have been sternly trampled into the ground. 
Visit msccruises.co.uk to plan your next adventure now.